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6 August, 2006

Myron Evans discovers the Chronostalker

Filed under: Physics, quantum physics and politics

The great British Civil List Scientist, Myron W. Evans has discovered not only the Unified Field Theory . He has disovered also this blog! So, let us examine his new discovery. According to my usually well informed friends MWE wrote:

“MWE: There is a garbage website by “chronostalker”, who deos not have the courage to debate with me directly or to reveal who he or she is, or even to inform me of the existence of his or her garbage website. ”

Well, what is considered to be garbage and what not is highly subjective. Some scientists think that what MWE “papers” contain quite a bit of garbage. But MWE is not willing to admit his errors. Those who have “courage” to write to MWE directly are being threatened by him. They are being personally and professionally harassed.

“MWE: It is this kind of public trashing of an innocent person that needs to be punished heavily under the new net laws. ”

So, here we have an example. If scientific criticism is not allowed, then it it is the end of science.

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