MWE-Claims and TRUTH


MWE claims the AIP Library to maintain 45 of his books.

However, Learning by Doing is the best you can do:

So try it yourself: Have a look at

Choose "Author Browse (PUBLIC)" and insert "Evans". You'll get a list of about 20 entries "Evans ..."

MWE is not among them. Thus:

The author Myron W. Evans is completely unknown in the list of books available at the AIP Library.

Search Results for "Evans" at "Author Browse (PUBLIC)" on 02 February 2006

   1.  Evans, Clifford, Jr.
   2.  Evans, David Stanley.
   3.  Evans, Dennis.
   4.  Evans, H. J.
   5.  Evans, Herbert McLean, 1882-
   6.  Evans, Hilary, 1929-
   7.  Evans, Ivor.
   8.  Evans, Ivor B N.
   9.  Evans, J. C. (John C.), 1938-
 10.  Evans, James, 1948-
 11.  Evans, John V.
 12.  Evans, John Wainwright, 1909- 
 13.  Evans, Mary, 1936-
 14.  Evans, Ralph Merrill.
 15.  Evans, Robert.
 16.  Evans, Robley Dunglison, 1907-
 17.  Evans, Ulick R. (Ulick Richardson), 1889-1980. 
 18.  Evans, Walter Haskell. 
 19.  Eve, A. S. (Arthur Stewart), 1862-1948.
 20.  Eve, Arthur Stewart, 1862-1948.


Maybe M.W. Evans has sent his publication list to AIP. AIP will get hundreds of such lists a year, that doesn't matter.

However, AIP doesn't maintain any of his books, that's the point.