Myron W. Evans
Check on Correctness of Antisymmetric Tensor Used in ECE

with Comments by G.W. Bruhn

As in Appendix B of Volume 1:

Î1230 = −Î1203 = Î1023 = −Î0123 = −1                                                                 (1)

OK, that's eq. (B.24) of your GCUFT book Vol.1 [1], Myron. However - and that's B. Flower's objection - in the same book you tell your readers already in Appendix A on p.21

Î0123 = Î1230 = Î2301 = Î3012 = 1,                                                                        
Î1023 = Î2130 = Î3201 = Î0312 = −1,                                                                      
Î1032 = Î2103 = Î3210 = Î0321 = 1,                                                                (A.4)
Î1302 = Î2013 = Î3120 = Î0231 = −1,                                                                      

And this, Dr Evans, is clearly wrong at the red colored positions.

So, "Professor" Evans, this is no opportunity for loudmouthed "rebuttals". You are owing your readers a declaration about which of your versions, (A.4) or (B.24), is correct.

. . .

Flower has deliberately emailed disinformation concerning ECE theory. . . .

Not at all! B. Flower has pointed to an inconsistency in Evans' GCUFT book [1] and to the fact that Evans has neglected to provide an Errata List for his readers as was already asked for in the AIAS Forum.

Why does Evans hesitate to do so? He feels that publishing an Errata List would be the beginning of the total downfall of his "theory". The reason is the same as why he refuses to discuss with his scientific critics, and instead of he charges them of harassing.

Everybody familiar with psychology knows: The reason of aggressive behavior is nothing but fear.


[1] M.W. Evans, Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory, the geometrization of physics; Arima 2005

[2] M.W. Evans, Rebuttal of Flower's Disinformation (hand written),