Gerhard W. Bruhn, Darmstadt University of Technology

Dec 8, 2008

Today on Evans' blog site: The British Order of Merit.

This is the Sovereignís prerogative without ministerial advice, the only remaining honour given without ministerial advice. At present, theoretical physics is represented by Roger Penrose, Michael Atiyah and Martin Rees. The new physics is represented on the Civil List by yours truly, there is only one scientist on the Civil List. The Civil List is the Parliamentary equivalent of Order of Merit, roughly speaking, and is much older than O.M. Stephen Hawking is C.H. (which is an extended version of O.M.), but that is again standard physics. There is a vacancy in O.M. now and if anyone wishes to suggest a candidate for the new physics they are free to write to the Sovereignís staff (the British Head of Stateís staff). The standard physics (and society that accepts standard physics) has a major problem now because the work of Rees, Penrose and Hawking is well accepted and well proven mathematically to be entirely incorrect. They are all ducking the issue at present, as if the incorrectness did not exist. . . .

Probably the 'Civil List Scientist' with ''well proven mathematically to be entirely incorrect'' is refering to the following web entries:

                On the Non-Lorentz-Invariance of M.W. EVANSí O(3)-Symmetry Law

                On the ECE Lemma

                On the Hodge Dual of the first Bianchi Identity

                On Antisymmetric Connections

                On the 2nd Bianchi Identity

                Evans' "3-index, totally antisymmetric unit tensor"