Bo Lehnert Correcting M.W. Evans' Distortions

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        The dark spot
        G.W. Bruhn

Dear Gerhard,

  Der alte Esel hat es ganz gut abgefressen! I completely agree with the statement in the attachment of
your e-mail of July 7 at 21:21. In all the papers of my theory the results are based on the Lorenz gauge.

  During the coming ten days I will be out of my institute.

With best regards,


Von: GWB <------->                                                                   July 7 21:21

Betreff: The dark spot in your 1997 paper

An: "Prof. Bo Lehnert" <-------->

Dear Bo,

since I'm not satisfied with the dubious situation concerning your paper from 1997 with S. Roy I've done some archaeology - following the German saying: Kaum ist über eine Sache Gras gewachsen, kommt ein alter Esel daher und frisst es wieder ab! (Let me know if I shall translate it): So now the old donkey will tell you what he has found when studying your old paper (attached):

This is the dark spot in your paper (see also my detailed explanation below) that was the cause of all trouble:

. . .

equations which yield

                ∇(A, iΦ/c) = − μo (j, icρ).                                       (7)

When combined with Lorentz condition, this gives

                div A + 1/c ∂Φ/∂t = 0                                                (8)

. . .

However, the reader Myron - instead of interpreting this obvious obscurity in your paper as a new source of energy - should have attempted to use his mind and repair the gap.

So we see, how a tiny obscurity leads to great "inventions". What I cannot understand up to now is that no one of the 15 co-authors became suspicious and warned Myron not to publish such nonsense.

I don't know whether I should post my remarks below on my website. That depends on Myron's behavior. Better you could convince Myron that this whole story about the Energy from Vacuum was his fault and in no way mine.

Best regards



Quotation from Lehnert & Roy [1]; remarks by GWB inserted in blue

2.1 Maxwell Equations Modified by Non-zero Electric Field Divergence

The extended field equations in vacuo become [5-7,9]

                curl B = j + εo E/∂t                                     (1)

                curl E = 1/c B/∂t                                         (2)

                j = ρ C                                                         (3)

in S.I. units. Here B and E are the magnetic and electric fields, j is the current density and ρ is the charge density


                div E = ρ/εo                                                 (4)

                div B = 0 , B = curl A                                 (5)

                E = − Φ − A/∂t                                      (6)


                ∇ · (j , icρ) = 0

when ∇ = (/∂x, /∂y, /∂z, , /ic∂t),

where (j , icρ) is a four vector. The potentials A and Φ are derived from the sources j and ρ through the above equations which yield

                ∇(A, iΦ/c) = − μo (j, icρ).                 (7)

STOP! Here one term is missing if the Lorenz condition was NOT used already: Without using the Lorenz condition we obtain

                ∇A = − (1/c A/∂tÑA) = Ñ (1/c ∂Φ/∂t + Ñ · A) − μo j .                 (7a)


                ∇Φ = − (1/c ∂Φ/∂tÑΦ) = /∂t(1/c ∂Φ/∂t + Ñ · A)ρ/εo .                 (7b)

or combined

                ∇(A, iΦ/c) = − (1/c /∂tÑ) (A, iΦ/c) = (Ñ, i/c∂t) (1/c ∂Φ/∂t + Ñ · A) − μo (j, icρ) .                 (7ab)

When combined with Lorentz condition, this gives

                div A + 1/c ∂Φ/∂t = 0                                (8)

This phrase is nonsense, perhaps a text mix-up: The Lorenz condition is just eq.(8)

1/c ∂Φ/∂t + Ñ · A = div A + 1/c ∂Φ/∂t = 0 .

Applying this Lorenz condition to the eq.(7ab) we obtain eq.(7).


Eq.(7) is valid only WITH Lorenz gauge. However, Myron falsely interpreted the obscurity in your paper as validity of eq.(7) WITHOUT Lorenz gauge - and that is his error in his Vacuum Energy paper.

End of Quotation


[1] B. Lehnert and S. Roy, Extended Electromagnetic Theory, World Scientific Singapore (1998),
      online at APEIRON Vol.4 Nr. 2-3, Apr.-July 1997

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