Dear Myron-supporters and other readers,

you'll know that our friend Dr Myron Wyn Evans is using a new title since several days.

Chief Scientific Advisor to the Welsh Assembly


So before sending my congratulations to Myron to be sure I've sent an Enquiry to
Mr. Rhodri Morgan, First Minister of Wales. Just now I received the reply, a full official denial:

" . . .
Dr Evans does not and has not held a post as Chief Scientific Advisor to the National Assembly of Wales. There is no such post within the Welsh Assembly Government structure. Sir David King, the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, has since appointment been equally available to advise the First Ministers of Wales and Scotland, if required.  . . . "

Please, find the complete letter attached.

Kind regards

Gerhard W. Bruhn

PS What did Myron write to me when I had discovered one of his numerous errors:
"Well Gerhard you always say that any calculation is wrong. So if you say xyz is wrong you are simply behaving in the same old way. This is very boring. You have no credibility and so I request you not to send me any further absurd e mail, or any e mail. ... If you go on like this you will certainly get a haircut in the Tower. ..."
So where should I travel next?

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