Suggestion for Royal Swedish Academy

February 2nd, 2006

Prof. Dr. Bo Lehnert: I would like to respectfully suggest that the Royal Swedish Academy take note of the almost unanimous acceptance of ECE theory and of the originally of the spin field in particular. It is already clear that the theory has clear consequences for the benefit of mankind. I have the utmost respect for the Royal Swedish and Norwegian Academies and realize the difficulty of selecting candidates for a Nobel Prize. However, at present the selection process is in my opinion too restrictive and too selective. The rank and file of scientists are not sufficiently consulted an dteh process is too confined to academia. It is now possible to make the selection process almost completely democratic adn objective, while retaining the anonymity of traditional refereeing. This is through the use of feedback sites. No objective judge would question the worldwide interest in and acceptance of ECE theory. The interest is continuous, of the highest possible quality, and intense. I am seriously disturbed at the activities of one or two individuals who have chosen to attack me personally many times. I request that the Royal Swedish Academy take note of the lack of objectivity and science in these personal attacks, which have been so vindictive that the police have had to be notified. Misinformation has been proven as you see. Even so, I have meticulously proven the theory in great detail and with great rigour, and have also compared it with experimental data in many ways. I am a chemist by training and it is the chemistry committee that is most qualified to discuss my work (about seven hundred papers and books), not the physics committee. I realize that you are not a committee member, but you are an academician. It is a rather unfortunate fact that the general public judges a scientist almost exclusively by the Nobel Prize. This is most unfair to other scientists of great ability. This is obviously a failing of the media, not of the Royal Swedish or Norwegian Academies. This note is meant to be objective, i.e. scientific.
Cordially. Myron.

And in addition in all his available modesty:

Writing to you as a colleague rather than an academician, I am not lobbying personally for a Nobel Prize. That would be ridiculous. It should be self evident that the whole physics world has accepted ECE theory, and this indicates a Nobel Prize without any doubt. If an Academy prevents this from happening it would be like the electoral college over-ruling the democratic vote. My view is that a Nobel Prize would be pleasant, but the democratic vote is much more pleasant. Thanks for all your support in the past, and also for Vigier. I am completely aware of how a Nobel Prize is awarded, and have been for many years. I know that you have no direct say in the matter, and unfortunately neither does the world of oridnary scientists. Enlightenment not prizes.

February 3rd, 2006


February 6th, 2006

To Prof. Dr Bo Lehnert, Royal Swedish Academy. Thank you in turn, you are personally always objective, and played a key role in obtaining recognition for Jean-Pierre Vigier in volume 119 of Advances in Chemical Physics. MWE