Dr. Evans confirms his fallacy about antisymmetry of connections

As if working on demand Dr. Evans confirms the TRIVIALITY of his flaws. On his blog page Further Misrepresentation by Rodrigues and Bruhn

we read:

"... It is claimed that the anti-symmetry of the torsion tensor in its lower two indices somehow does not imply the antisymmetry of the gamma connection in the same two indices. ... Obscure nonsense is contrived as usual. Rodrigues is now clearly implied in fraud because he is the co-author of this nonsense. By definition:

                T sup kappa sub mu nu = gamma sup kappa sub mu nu - gamma sup kappa nu mu

and is antisymmetric in the lower two indices mu and nu ... QED."

Of course: Tκμν is antisymmetric in μ,ν by definition. But this was NOT THE CLAIM. Evans' claim was:

                Tκμν ANTIsymmetric in μ,ν => Γκμν ANTIsymmetric in μ,ν

And this implication is WRONG. A correct conclusion would be:

                Tκμν antisymmetric in μ,ν and NOT VANISHING => Γκμν ASYMMETRIC in μ,ν

However, one cannot mix up ANTI-symmetric with A-symmetric (= NON-symmetric) as Dr. Evans apparently does. Therefore, pointing to such a mix up is not a ''misrepresentation'' but a completely justified hint to the author. Since the author Dr. Evans is believing to have refuted by his ''conclusion'' one century of mathematical physics. WHAT A GRAND DELUSION !

Gerhard W. Bruhn, Dep. of Mathematics, Darmstadt University of Technology