Experts' discussions

March 21, 2009

Evans on his blog:

. . . After a two hour telephone discussion with Horst about this proof we agreed that it leads to the important discovery that the connection in Riemannian geometry must be anti-symmetric. This means that all of twentieth century gravitational physics is obsolete, and must be revised. In ECE theory we . . .

Unbelievable ignorants. − And Dr. Evans, after having defined a ''new'' metric tensor gνμ in his papernote 128/3 by

                gνμ = gναgαμ                                                         (28)

does not realize the fact gνμ = δνμ. He asks his co-expert Dr. Horst Eckardt to make a computer check:

I would like to ask Horst Eckardt whether he is interested in becoming a co-author of paper 128 and evaluating eq. (40) of note 128(3) by computer for some metrics of the standard model.

Eq.(40) is

                Dμgκν = ∂μgκν = 0                                                 (40)

which is trivial due to gκν = δκν. However, that's not the end of the comedy. He continues:

This is a very fundamental result, valid for any Riemann spacetime in any dimension.
Computer tests

Test whether solutions of the Einstein field equation obey

                ∂μ(gκαgαν) = 0                                                       (41)

Such are the experts who are going to found a completely NEW PHYSICS.