IRTG 1529, Darmstadt-Tokyo


Complex Fluids

Darmstadt, July 10-13, 2012


How to get from Darmstadt main station to the Hotel Ernst-Ludwig

There are several bus and tram-train lines from the main station. The most convenient are the tram line No. 3 with direction "Lichtenbergschule" and the bus No. K with direction "TU Lichtwiese". In any case get off at the bus stop "Schloss". If you take the tram the ticket must be purchased in advance at one of the "RMV"-vending machines. In the bus you can also by a ticket from the driver while entering the bus.


Hotel Ernst-Ludwig
Ernst-Ludwig Str. 14
64283 Darmstadt

is located very closely to the Main station. The link above provides more detailed information how to get from the main station to the hotel.


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