Workshop "Persistence probabilities and related fields"

Focus of the workshop

Persistence probabilities deal with the asymptotic behavior of certain first-passage time distributions. Interesting from the sole mathematical viewpoint, these studies also have many applications in theoretical physics and implications for related questions. Recent advances especially for some non-Markovian processes but also for classical exit problems shall be discussed at this workshop. A further focus is to bring togeher probabilists and physicists working on persistence-type questions, discussing methods as well as new open problems. Related questions are studied under the term 'gap probabilities' for random polynomials and random matrices. A goal of the workshop is to clarify the connection to persistence probabilities and to bring together the different communities. Finally, results that are related to processes conditioned to have long excursions or applications of those are also part of the conference. Further applications of persistence-like questions or fluctuation theory are very welcome.

Workshop poster

Practical information

Date: July 15-18, 2014
Venue: TU Darmstadt, S3|20 18

Confirmed speakers

  • Sebastian Andres (Bonn)
  • Jeremiah Buckley (Tel Aviv)
  • Amir Dembo (Stanford)
  • Steffen Dereich (Münster)
  • Jean-Dominique Deuschel (Berlin)
  • Alexis Devulder (Versailles)
  • Leif Döring (Zürich)
  • Alexander Drewitz (Columbia)
  • Peter Eichelsbacher (Bochum)
  • Naomi Feldheim (Tel Aviv)
  • Ohad Feldheim (Tel Aviv)
  • Subhro Ghosh (Princeton University)
  • Nadine Guillotin-Plantard (Lyon)
  • Michael Högele (Potsdam)
  • Alexander Iksanov (Kiew)
  • Emile Le Page (Univ. Bretagne-Sud)
  • Mikhail Lifshits (St. Petersburg)
  • Satya Majumdar (Paris-Sud XI - Orsay)
  • Alon Nishry (IAS Princeton)
  • Christophe Profeta (Évry)
  • Kilian Raschel (Tours)
  • Mladen Savov (Reading)
  • Grégory Schehr (Paris-Sud XI - Orsay)
  • Thomas Simon (Lille)
  • Vlad Vysotsky (Arizona State Univ. and St. Petersburg)
  • Vitali Wachtel (München)
  • Dmitry Zaporozhets (St. Petersburg)


  • Frank Aurzada (Darmstadt)
  • Zakhar Kabluchko (Ulm)
  • Matthias Meiners (Darmstadt)


Tuesday July 15 Wednesday July 16 Thursday July 17 Friday July 18
8:20-9:00 Welcome coffee
9:00-9:40 Amir Dembo Thomas Simon Satya Majumdar Nadine Guillotin-Plantard
9:40-10:20 Naomi Feldheim Christophe Profeta Grégory Schehr Alexis Devulder
10:20-10:50 coffee break coffee break coffee break coffee break
10:50-11:30 Dmitry Zaporozhets Steffen Dereich Subhro Ghosh Emile Le Page
11:30-12:10 Ohad Feldheim Alexander Iksanov Mikhail Lifshits Sebastian Andres
12:10-14:00 lunch break lunch break lunch break
14:00-14:40 Alon Nishry Vlad Vysotsky Jean-Dominique Deuschel
14:40-15:20 Jerry Buckley Kilian Raschel Leif Döring
15:20-15:50 coffee break coffee break coffee break
15:50-16:30 Alexander Drewitz Vitali Wachtel Michael Högele
16:30-17:10 Peter Eichelsbacher Mladen Savov
Cheese & Wine
17:15 Foyer
Conference dinner
18:30 Welcome Hotel