Online Self-Assessment


This online self-assessment (OSA) is meant to give you a clearer picture of the necessary prerequisites for studying mathematics at M.Sc.-level at TU Darmstadt. It can also help you identify areas where you might need some extra preparations before starting your studies with us. It not mandatory to take the OSA before applying to TU Darmstadt, nor can you earn bonus points from it.

The questions in this OSA have been taken from previous exams in their respective areas. For most of these exams examinees were allowed to bring written notes and/or textbooks to the exams. In order to get a realistic estimate of what is expected of you, we strongly advise you tackle the questions using only this kind of material.

Some of the questions are multiple choice questions or require you to compute some number or algebraic expression. For these you can provide your answers and have them checked using the “check answers”-button. However, some questions ask you to prove a certain claim or give detailed answers that can not be checked automatically. For these we invite you to send us your solutions by email. We will then get back to you with feedback.

We expect B.Sc. graduates to have basic knowledge in all of the following areas (cf. the section on required competences on this page):

On top of this, you should have somewhat advanced knowledge in three of the following areas:

Alternatively, you may choose two of the above and one of