SPP 1506 Transport Processes at Fluidic Interfaces

IRTG 1529 Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

JSPS Program of The Japanese-German Graduate Externship

"Mathematical Fluid Dynamics" Darmstadt-Waseda(DFG-JSPS)


Erik Burman (London)

Pierre Colinet (Brussels)

Lars Diening (Osnabrück)

Thierry Gallay (Grenoble)


Veronique Pimienta (Toulouse)

Jan Prüß (Halle)

Peter Spelt (Lyon)

Gretar Tryggvason (Notre Dame)


The conference will take place

from Monday to Wednesday, October 5 to 7,
in the 'Altes Maschinenhaus' S1|05, Magdalenenstraße 12, TU Darmstadt,


on Thursday, October 8,
in the 'Hessisches Staatsarchiv' S4|01, Karolinenplatz 3, Darmstadt.

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