International Research Training Group 1529

Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

Invited Speakers

Hideo Kozono (Tokyo)

Patrick Penel (Toulon)

Konstantin Pileckas (Vilnius)

Milan Pokorný (Prague)


Gregory Seregin (Oxford)

Senjo Shimizu (Shizuoka)

Agnieszka Świerczewska (Warsaw)

Colloquium by Helmut Abels (Regensburg) on April 22, 17:00

Travel information

Lecture halls

All talks of the workshop on April 22 & 23 will be held at

  Fraunhofer Institut (IGD)
  Building S3|20, Lecture Hall 18
  Rundeturmstraße 10
  64283 Darmstadt

The directions to the nearby main building S3|05 of the Fraunhofer Institut (IGD) can be found at their webpage:

  Directions | Site plan

The colloquium will take place on April 22, 17:00, at the

  Nuclear physics lecture hall S2|14/24
  Schlossgartenstraße 9
  64283 Darmstadt

See also the site plan of the campus.


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