International Research Training Group 1529 - Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

From Frankfurt Airport

The fastest and most convenient possibility is to take the bus "Airliner" that stops at Terminal 1 as well as Terminal 2. The bus schedule can be found here. Get off at the terminal stop "Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof". The tickets for the bus can be bought from the driver. You can also take a taxi from Frankfurt Airport to your hotel in Darmstadt. This is a particularly convenient and fairly cheap option, if you share the bill. It should cost approx. 50 Euro. Please ask the driver in advance.

From Darmstadt main station, you can get to your hotel on foot, by using public transport or taxi, see:

Welcome Hotel
Hotel Hornung
Hotel Ernst Ludwig

From the Welcome Hotel and Hotel Ernst-Ludwig and bus stop Schloss, it is best to walk to the Spring School venue:

University building S3/20
Rundeturmstr. 10
Room 18

From Hotel Hornung, go to the main station, then follow the instructions of how to get from the main station to the bus stop Schloss (see here) and follow the instructions above.