1. Introduction

This package provides an interface between GAP 4 and the Australian National University Nilpotent Quotient Program (ANU NQ). The ANU NQ was implemented as part of the author's work towards his PhD at the Australian National University, hence the name of the program. The program takes as input a finite presentation of a group and successively computes factor groups modulo the terms of the lower central series of the group. These factor groups are computed in terms of polycyclic presentations.

The ANU NQ is implemented in the programming language C. The implementation has been developed in a Unix environment and Unix is currently the only operating system supported. It runs on a number of different Unix versions, e.g. Solaris and Linux.

For integer matrix computations it relies on the GNU MP [xxx] package and requires this package to be installed on your system.

This package relies on the functionality for polycyclic groups provided by the GAP package polycyclic [EN02] and requires the package polycyclic to be installed as a GAP package on your computer system.

Comments, bug reports and suggestions are very welcome.

This manual contains references to parts of the GAP Reference Manual which are typeset in a slightly idiosyncratic way. The following example shows how such references are printed: 'For further information on creating a free group see FreeGroup (Reference: FreeGroup).' The text in bold face refers to the GAP Reference Manual.

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