• Registration with arranged accommodation: 9 March 2022
  • Abstract submission: 9 March 2022
  • Registration without arranged accommodation/abstract submission: 13 March 2022

Financial Support

Local costs:
- Local costs will be fully covered for all members of the SPP 2265.
- Non-members of the SPP 2265 can apply for financial support covering local costs.
If you want to apply for local funding, please include a short CV with your registration.
We can only fund early stage researchers (PhD students and young post-docs) who work
in an area where it is plausible that the topic of the school or the SPP (random geometric
systems) will benefit their scientific progress. We will also ask you to present your area
of research in a 10 minute presentation during the school.

Transport costs:
- Members of the SPP are asked to pay for transport using their travel budget included
with the SPP grant.
- All other are asked to fund transport costs from their own travel budget.
- If you feel unable to cover your transport expenses, there is a chance that we might
be able to help you, but we can’t promise anything. Please get in touch in this case.


Please write an e-mail to springschool -a-t- mathematik -d-o-t- tu-darmstadt -d-o-t- de
  • your full name and affiliation,
  • the information whether you would like us to reserve
    a room for you (and if so for what period of time),
  • in case you wish to give a talk please include an abstract;
  • please state whether you are a member of the SPP or want to be associated to the SPP.
Your data will be handled with greatest care and only be used for the following purposes:
production of a name batch, estimation of the number of participants;
inclusion in the abstract book (in case you submit an abstract and it is accepted);
reservation of a hotel room (in case you ask for arranged accommodation);
decision on financial support (in case you apply for financial support).
Your data will be deleted after the termination of the school.