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The Meeting

The purpose of the winter school is to give young scientists the opportunity to learn
from distinguished researchers about active fields of research in statistical mechanics.

There will be two mini courses. The first treats Schramm-Loewner evolution and will be
delivered by Vincent Beffara. The second one deals with random walks in random environ-
ment with a view towards percolation environments and will be given by Vladas Sidoravicius.

Additionally, there will be accompanying lectures given by invited speakers.


Vincent Beffara
Alexander Fribergh
Université de Toulouse
Markus Heydenreich
Universiteit Leiden
Sebastian Müller   
LAPT Marseille
Gábor Pete
Technical University of Budapest
Vladas Sidoravicius
IMPA Rio de Janeiro
Daniel Ueltschi   
University of Warwick

Target Audience

The winter school is primarily aimed at PhD studens and postdocs, but everybody
is welcome to attend. Participants will be given the opportunity to deliver contributed talks.
Financial support will be offered to selected participants to cover travel and accommodation
costs for the winter school.
Details regarding the application for financial support can be found on the registration page.


Volker Betz (Darmstadt)
Matthias Meiners (Darmstadt)


FBR MAthe                                  FBR MAthe

The Winter School 2014 "Spatial Models in Statistical Mechanics" is partially financed from
the dissertation prize 2009 of the University of Münster.