neuere Publikationen / recent papers:

Hartmann,E. (2001): Gn-continuous connections between normal ringed surfaces.
Comp. Aided Geom. Design 18, 751-770 (abstract)

Hartmann,E. (2001): Implicit Gn-blending of Vertices.
Comp. Aided Geom. Design 18, 267-285 (abstract)

Hartmann,E. (2001): The Normalform of a Space Curve and its Application to Surface Design.
The Visual Computer 17, 445-456 (abstract)

Hartmann,E. (2001): Parametric Gn-blending Curves and Surfaces.
The Visual Computer 17, 1-13 (abstract)

Hartmann,E. (2000): Gn-blending with Rolling Ball Contact Curves.
Poceedings of "Geometric Modeling and Processing 2000", Hong Kong, April 2000, IEEE, 385-389.
(abstract)(full text)

Hartmann,E. (2000): Numerical Parameterization of Curves and Surfaces.
Comp. Aided Geom. Des. 17, 251-266 (abstract)

Hartmann,E. (1999): On the Curvature of Curves and Surfaces Defined by Normalforms.
Comp. Aided Geom. Des. 16, 355-376 (abstract)

Hartmann,E. (1998): A Marching Method for the Triangulation of Surfaces.
The Visual Computer 14, 95-108. (abstract)(full text)

Hartmann,E. (1998): The Normalform of a Planar Curve and its Application to Curve Design.
in Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces II, M. Daehlen, T. Lyche, L. Schumaker eds., Vanderbild Univ. Press, Nashville.
(abstract)(full text)

Hartmann,E. (1998): Numerical Implicitization for Intersection and tex2html_wrap_inline18-continuous Blending of surfaces.
Comp. Aided Geom. Des. 15, 377-397. (abstract)

Hartmann,E. (1996): tex2html_wrap_inline16-interpolation and blending on surfaces.
The Visual Computer 12, 181-192. (abstract)

Erich Hartmann

June 20, 2001