International Research Training Group 1529

Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

Lecture Series:

Peter Constantin, Princeton:

Yasunori Maekawa, Sendai:

László Székelyhidi, Leipzig:


PDE Problems of Hydrodynamic Origin

Analysis of Incompressible Flows
in Unbounded Domains

The h-Principle in Fluid Mechanics
and Onsager's Conjecture

This workshop and autumn school addresses the analysis of mathematical models arising in fluid dynamics. One of its main characteristics is to bring together leading experts from diverse scientific backgrounds in order to ignite a lively interaction and exchange of ideas. The workshop and autumn school aims both at established researchers as well as at PhD students.

Our main lectures will each offer a four-hour tutorial that will give a thorough introduction in various aspects of their recent research. Additional talks by leading experts will supplement our tutorials.

Younger researchers are very much encouraged to play an active role in this meeting and to present their own work in short talks.

There will be the possibility of limited financial support for younger participants. We urge you to apply as soon as possible. Applications will be accepted through June 13, 2014 but decisions will be made starting in April. Applications and letters of reference may be send to Verena Schmid (