PD Dr. Andreas Paffenholz

Polytope Database

This page collects links to collections of polytopes that I have produced or used in my work. Most of them are in the polymake format.
smooth reflexive A complete list of all smooth reflexive lattice polytopes (duals of Fano polytopes) in dimensions 3 to 9. They were generated with a reimplementation the classification algorithm of Øbro using polymake.
normal polytopes Some polytopes of interest in connection with the smooth projective normality conjecture.
permutation polytopes Examples and background about permutation polytopes.
Birkhoff faces Combinatorial types of faces of the Birkhoff polytope up to dimension 8.
other other lattice polytopes
2s2s A collection of 2-simple and 2-simplicial polytopes I compiled for my PhD-thesis. Currently not actively maintained.
regular Some regular and semi-regular 3-dimensional polytopes (in german).