Myron W. Evans' Grand Covariant Unified Field Theory (GCUFT)

(21.03.2009) Experts' discussions

(10.03.2009) Fatal ''New Math'' in ''More Details of Proof Five''



(08.03.2009) ''MYRON EVANS UNIVERSITY'' under public investigation


(04.03.2009) Correspondence about the SciTopics ECE site

(02.03.2009) SciTopics ECE site deleted, but web copy available

(24.02.2009) Evans' fallacy on the antisymmetry of connections

(25.02.2009) Evans claims his antisymmetry fallacy to be correct

(24.02.2009) Some fatal shortcomings of the ECE theory

(09.02.2009) Wikipedia on Einstein–Cartan–Evans theory

(09.12.2008) Funny

(03.12.2008) A PS: On Evans' Dual Bianchi Identity

(26.11.2008) A PS: On Evans' Note #122

(18.11.2008) My final note on Evans' ''New Science''

(17.11.2008) Evans stubborn: Confirms his former flaw

(16.11.2008) A typical Evans flaw

(13.11.2008) Evans's proof of Metric Compatibility: As Wrong as Simple

(11.10.2008) Bruhn's cynical lies: Evans confirms his New Math

(11.10.2008) AIAS result: Kruskal Riccis not vanishing???

(09.10.2008) Funny! Evans detects Major Errors in Carroll's Chap.7

(05.10.2008) To Evans' blog note ''A Typical Line of Fraud ''

(04.10.2008) To S. Crothers: Enemies or Opponents?

(30.09.2008) Evans' Duality Experiments (extended)

(30.09.2008) Evans: CARROLL Violating Dual Identity

(18.09.2008) Evans' New Math flaw regarding the Lorentz Transform

(17.09.2008) Evans' Basics of the Lorentz Transform Continued

(15.09.2008) Evans' Basics of the Lorentz Transform

(15.09.2008) Evans' Stubbornness: The 2nd Bianchi again

(13.09.2008) Evans' Duality Experiments

(11.09.2008) On New Math proofs of the 1st Bianchi

(10.09.2008) Carroll refutes Bruhn

(09.09.2008) Evans on ''Malicious Misrepresentation on the Bruhn site''

(04.09.2008) A self-disproval by M.W. Evans

(20.08.2008) Some remarks on paper #93 by M.W. Evans e.a.

(05.08.2008) M.W. Evans, the Poincaré Lemma and Competent Lawyers

(05.08.2008) ECE Resonance of Flaws

(25.07.2008) New Math and Folklore

(24.07.2008) Volume 38, Number 1 / Januar 2008 in Foundation of Physics

(24.07.2008) Editorial by G. 't Hooft in Foundation of Physics

(21.07.2008) On Evans' Annalen paper #89/App.01: On ''Cartan geometry''

(20.07.2008) On Evans' Annalen paper #89/App.02: On the B Cyclic theorem I

(20.07.2008) On Evans' Annalen paper #89/App.08: On Math of ECE theory

(19.07.2008) On Evans' Annalen paper #89/App.10: On the B Cyclic theorem II

(18.07.2008) Evans' Magic Math: 1 is 4 and 4 is 1

(15.07.2008) Evans' fruitless attempts of doing math

(29.06.2008) Evans' ''refutation'' from June 29, 2008

(29.06.2008) Evans' deliberate misunderstanding to deceive his readers

(06.05.2008) Open Letter to the PP-Editor-in-Chief concerning Black Hole Publications

(06.03.2008) Crothers' views on black holes with updates on 24.03.2008

(26.02.2008) The Myron Evans University (MEU) − a Flop

(07.02.2008) Where Does the Resonance Energy Come From?

(29.01.2008) Remarks on Evans' Web Note #100-Section 7: The Sagnac Effect

(25.01.2008) Remarks on Evans' Web Note #100-Section 6: SCR

(16.01.2008) Remarks on Evans' Web Note #100-Section 5: EM field

(15.01.2008) Papers criticizing ECE

(08.01.2008) An Editorial Note by G. 't Hooft in Foundations of Physics

(08.01.2008) Remarks on Evans' Web Note #100-Section 4: The Aharonov Bohm effect

(05.01.2008) Remarks on Evans' Web Note #100-Section 3: Field and Wave equation

(01.01.2008) Remarks on Evans' Web Note #100-Section 2: Torsion and Bianchi identity

(27.12.2007) Remarks on Evans' Web Note #103

(19.12.2007) Myron now completely confused

(14.12.2007) Evans' Central Claim in his Paper #100

(10.12.2007) How Dr. Evans refutes the whole EH Theory

(20.11.2007) Remarks on Evans' papernotes #100

(17.10.2007) Comments on "Spin connection resonance in magnetic motors"

(11.10.2007) Evans' Poor Knowledge of the Lorentz Transform

(02.10.2007) Comments on Evans' Collection of "Rebuttals"

(01.10.2007) Comments on Evans' Note 2 on the ECE Lemma

(30.09.2007) Comments on Evans' Note 1 on the Lorentz transform

(30.09.2007) Comments on "Some Further Rebuttals of the Bruhn Disinformation Site"

(20.08.2007) Consequences of Evans' Torsion Hypothesis

(16.08.2007) Comments on Evans' Resonance Paper 92

(04.08.2007) Rejection of Evans' "Refutation of Comment by Jadczyk et Alii"

(31.07.2007) Comments on Evans' SCR Paper

(09.07.2007) Bo Lehnert Correcting M.W. Evans' Distortions

(05.07.2007) Evans' Misunderstanding of Lehnert's Settlement with Bruhn

(04.07.2007) A Reply to a "Rebuttal" by MWE on Vacuum Currents

(25.06.2007) The consequences of the invalidity of the Evans Lemma

(19.06.2007) A Lecture on New Math given by Dr Horst Eckardt and Dr Myron W. Evans

(27.05.2007) Commentary on Evans' recent remark on the ECE Lemma

(25.05.2007) Commentary on Evans' Key Derivation 6

(09.05.2007) Remark on Evans' rebuttal (B(3) Theorem)

(09.04.2007) Review of the Evans Lemma

(06.04.2007) Commentary on Evans' New Concepts from the Evans Unified Field Theory

(17.03.2007) An Example of Evans' New Math

(15.03.2007) Evans' Decomposition of Potentials

(14.03.2007) Evans' Concept of "Free Space"

(12.03.2007) Evans "proves" the Evans Lemma again

(07.03.2007) Evans' "3-index Î-tensor"

(22.02.2007) ECE Theory and Cartan Geometry

(15.02.2007) Comments on Evans' Duality

(01.02.2007) Comments on Chap.18 of Evans' GCUFT Book

(30.01.2007) Chief Advisor Myron Bounced

(29.01.2007) Remarks by Arkadiusz Jadczyk on Evans' "Covariant Derivatives"

(23.01.2007) updated on 29.01.2007: Some further confusion in Evans' "Cartan geometry"

(16.01.2007) Remarks on Evans' 2nd Bianchi Identity

(27.12.2006) Correction of Evans' paper on Lorentz invariance of his O(3) symmetry law

(02.10.2006) Myron's New Title as CHIEF ADVISOR of Wales

(29.09.2006) Comment on Evans' blog publications

(25.09.2006) GCUFT Errata List

(20.09.2006) M.W. Evans 'rebuts' B. Flower

(08.09.2006) É. Cartan mirrored in Evans' Einstein Cartan Evans Theory

(23.08.2006) Comments on M.W. Evans' Summary of Bruhn rebuttals

(19.08.2006) Comments on M.W. Evans' Bruhn rebuttal

(17.08.2006) The Chronostalker about Evans' Elementary Errors

(07.08.2006) M.W. Evans discovers the Chronostalker

(07.08.2006) M.W. Evans strikes back - and fails: Evans' "Rebuttal" of the Wielandt-article

(03.08.2006) E. Wielandt: No linear superposition of waves under O(3)

(30.07.2006) A. Lakhtakia: Is ECE Theory garbage? Does B(3) exist?

(01.07.2006) No Coulomb Resonance (Survey of Evans/Eckardt's Web-Note)

(22.06.2006) Remarks on Evans/Eckardt's Web-Note on Coulomb Resonance

(06.06.2006) A Fatal Error in M.W. Evans' EVANS Lemma

(08.05.2006) Reviews of two Papers on B. Lehnert's "Extended Electromagnetic Theory" and "vacuum currents"

(08.05.2006) A Remark on a Remark of V.V. Dvoeglazov on O(3)-Symmetry

(28.04.2006) M.W. Evans' O(3)-Symmetry Not Lorentz Invariant, Thus No Law of Physics , also as pdf-1 and pdf-2

(10.04.2006) M.W. Evans Doubts Michelson-Morley

(04.03.2006) The Civil List Award for M.W. Evans

(04.03.2006) Central Error of Myron W. Evans' ECE Theory: Type Mismatch

(23.02.2006) Sketch of Myron W. Evans' ECE Theory

(21.02.2006) M.W. EVANS' Wave Equation - a review

(09.02.2006) M.W. EVANS' CGUFT mirrored by L.Felker - a review

(03.02.2006) MW.EVANS' suggests himself for Chemistry NP

(26.01.2006) MW.EVANS-Claims and TRUTH

(29.09.2005) Gerard ’t Hooft, Recipient of the 1999 Nobel Prize in physics, on Evans' writings

(21.09.2005) Further Errors in Evans' GCUFT Manuscript

(18.09.2005) Evans Proving the Metric Compatibility?

(11.09.2005) Comments on Myron W. Evans' GCUFT book Chap.17

(09.09.2005) Commentary on Myron W. Evans' paper "The Electromagnetic Sector ..."

(08.07.2005) Comments on an Article of L. Felker on MWE's GCUFT

(04.07.2005) Chronostalker's Commentary on Myron W. Evans' GCUFT

(01.04.2005) Myron W. Evans' Most Spectacular Errors

(30.03.2005) Myron W. Evans' Evans Lemma

(18.03.2005) Myron W. Evans' Proof of the 1st Cartan Equation

(18.03.2005) Covariant Derivatives

(03.03.2005) M.W. Evans' New "Proof" for the Tetrad Postulate

(31.01.2005) A Remark on M.W. Evans' "Proof" of the Tetrad Postulate

(01.02.2005) Comment on M.W. Evans' Antisymmetric Metric (Book App. D)

(02.03.2005) Comment on M.W. Evans' Duality and the Antisymmetric Metric (Book Chap.2)

Discussion on M.W. Evans GUFT-problems (contributions invited)

M.W. Evans' reactions

A fatal contradiction in M.W. Evans' GUFT

Evans' Phaselaw-paper with commentary also as doc-file

Evans' reply with commentary also as pdf-file (all links disabled)

Refutation of Myron W. Evans’ B(3) field hypothesis